I don’t care who the fuck you are, or what you’re doing. You can take 3 seconds to reblog this.

I don’t care who the fuck you are, or what you’re doing. You can take 3 seconds to reblog this.

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harry styles imagine

your first fight.

you and harry have been dating for 3 weeks. To everybody y’all were the perfect couple. To you Harry was the perfect boyfriend. He was so faithful and you  haven’t had a fight yet. Until tonight.

i was on my way back to your flat when i got a text from harry

h: hey babe tonight im taking you someone for dinner. wear a nice dress and be ready for 7. xx

i looked at the time and it was already 5. so once i got into my flat i took a quick shower. i picked out a light teal dress that fits my body just right. i curled my hair into lose long curls and did my makeup. i looked in the mirror and i thought i looked perfect. i checked your watch and it was 6:50. So to waste 10 minutes i went sat onmy couch and watched tv. 10 minutes past. Then 40. then 2 hours. i couldn’t believe it. He didnt even call to tell me that he couldn’t come or he was late. i am beyond pissed. i walked back up to my room and took off your dress and changed into sweats and an old t shirt. i couldn’t stop crying. all the possibilities were running through my head. he’s cheating on me. i’m nothing. he found someone better. when my phone buzzed i picked it up and saw it was Harry.

h: babe i am so sorry.

you: you didn’t even have the time to call. or the time to text. not a simple i can’t make it or i am sorry we can’t do it tonight. but no not one word. i sat my dress for 2 hours harry! 2. leave me alone for now.

after that i turned off your phone and went asleep.

i woke up to pounding on the door. “the hell its 1 in the morning”

when i got to the door you saw a drunk harry at the door with his face angry. Oh no. every memory from my childhood came back. with an abusive dad who would come drunk every night. he would hurt you and your mother and then in the morning he would act like he was the perfect father. the perfect husband. i didnt realize how long we were standing their until harry started yelling at you. “why are you just standing their bitch. i said why weren’t you answering your phone.” that’s when you got anger in me. “how dare you come into my house and yell at me for not answering my phone. you’re the one who started all this shit. because you didnt text nor call telling me our freaking date was cancel. so no “bitch” why didnt you answer your phone” that’s when he raised his hand. his eyes filled with so much anger it was undiscribable all i could do was yell and fall to floor in fear. “please please don’t hurt me. i’m sorry. you are right i should have answered my phone.”

Harry’s p.o.v.

what was i doing? when did i get here? i looked down at (y/n) and saw she was shaking from crying so much. i looked at my hand. my hand was about to hit my perfect (y/n). all because of my stupid friends wanted me to go to the bar. they all said have one drink but really i had almost 10. i can’t believe i missed our date. what am i still doing just standing here. ” (y/n). sweetheart” i sat on the floor trying to hug her but she scooted away so fast. the fear in her eyes. she actually thought i was going to hit her like her dad did. i am so stupid.

your p.o.v

i don’t know what to do. should i run? or should i stay? will he hit me. not my harry. my harry would never hit me. right? his voice broke the silence. “(y/n) oh my gosh i didn’t mean it . i..you..you were right. it was my fault. everything was my fault. i went out with friends and got drunk when i was supposed to be with you. my perfect girlfriend. my love. i love you so much and i never ever will hurt you. you have to trust me.” he said he loves me.. “i..i..love you soo much harry” you didn’t realize how close y’all have gotten to each other until he crashed his lips on yours. “never again (y/n) never again.”

idk i think that sucked. but if you want an imagine or a prefrence just inbox me!

Reblog if you would still want to marry one of the boys if they were never famous, has no money and could never sing






This is a test to see how many people love them for them not their fame title

i have reblogged this so many times

i honestly would though, they all have such funny personalities, they’re weird and lovable and the biggest dorks ever, i love them more than anything

I love them for their personalities not fame or fortune or talent

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“I still believe, in spite of everything, that people are really good at heart.”

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Amazing photos…

I believe that too.

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One Direction This Is Us Harry

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this is so cute

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